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Thanapak Co. Importer of all cosmetic production requirements including pumps, sprinklers and other plastic containers, etc.
Shopping, shipping, clearance Production requirements
Sell Brand Ready A new move from Tavanza Company
Warranty sale Guaranteed purchase
Shopping, shipping and clearance Raw Materials Production

SANAPACK Cosmetic dishes

As the sole sales office of the brand sana.pack products, Tavanfaza is a leading provider of cosmetics, health, food, pharmaceuticals, supplies and packaging with a wide range of different types of dispensers, containers and shavings.

To this end, according to the needs of our customers, we are ready to manufacture and supply all these products in China in the categories of glass containers, aluminum containers, plastic containers, acrylic, spray pump types (thickeners, perfumers, plastic laminated nozzles, aluminum or wood). 3 to 5 layer tubes (simple shot pump) are shampoo doors (simple, lighter, fancy).

We also provide legal clearance until the delivery of your factory warehouse door. The products are of the highest quality possible and are manufactured with the latest technology in the world.

To further serve our beloved manufacturers of plastic injection molds and the sale of all kinds of raw materials for the production of cosmetics, this specialty is on the agenda.
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