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Spray nozzle

    SANAPACK Spray nozzle

    Sana Pack nozzle sprays are produced with 0.07cc outlet discharge.

    The minimum order for this product is 85,000.

    This nozzle spray nozzle model is available in 3 sizes.

    Sanapack nozzle sprays are provided with the following specifications:

    • The minimum order spray nozzle is 10,000.
    • Nozzle sprays are available in sizes 18 - 20 - 24.
    • Can't choose aluminum cladding.
    • Variety of colors to customer's choice
    • Waiting time for delivery is 120 business days
    • Nozzle spray is available with 18-mm openings
    • Nasal spray has a variety of colors to choose from
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